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We ensure long-term success by providing comprehensive planning and analysis!

In the context of business consultancy, we offer

  • Optimisation of your company structure, corporate processes and functions;
  • Organisational consulting for the corporate accountancy and training of your personnel;
  • Implementation of a cost accounting to control the economic efficiency of processes, departments and partial operations;
  • Budgeting, including comparisons between target and actual situation;
  • Reconciliation of your planning data with actual figures of the industry;
  • Liquidity planning;
  • Preparation of business plans;
  • Company evaluations;
  • Consulting during outsourcing projects;
  • Company planning: strategic comparison and planning calculations in connection with financing and investment decisions, as well as for hiring personnel;
  • Preparation of strategies and business plans;
  • Tax and business consultancy in connection with investment decisions;
  • Break-even calculation;
  • Conducting of discussions with banks.

Controlling is a management instrument. We support you in the following areas:

  • Development of a monthly and quarterly controlling report – with a clear structure including illustrations;
  • Preparation of success budgets and financial plans;
  • Target figures: sales, costs, number of customers, etc.;
  • What area has the highest earnings power?
  • What areas cause high costs but no financial rewards?
  • Budgeting on a monthly and quarterly basis;
  • Recognition of risk potential and possible undesirable developments at an early stage;
  • Sales planning, investment planning, personnel planning, liquidity planning;
  • Comparison between target and actual situation: plan data are compared to the actual values from accounting and deviations are presented in absolute figures and percentages;
  • Forecasts: what would the result be if the rest of the year went as planned?
  • Preparation of deviation analyses & action plans.
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