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Private Asset and Liquidity Planning

Better safe than sorry! Do you know your current net worth? Do you have knowledge about your optimal asset structure and how to develop financial possibilities? We answer the following questions for you using useful analysis tools:

  • What is my net worth?
  • How are my assets currently structured?
  • What is the amount of my freely available income?

In the context of our asset and liquidity planning, we can also answer the question of whether your income is able to cover all your costs even after you have reached the pension age and what you can do to ensure that.

We will support you in:

  • A one-time and scheduled preparation of a private asset analysis by observing your financings, taking into account maturities and conditions;
  • Preparing your bank information before and during a credit commitment;
  • Optimising your asset structure under risk considerations;
  • Analysing your liquidity to ensure your standard of living before and after your pension age.


By using a Lifemap, we can organise the following for you:

An organisation folder containing all important documents, such as e.g. insurance contracts, account overviews, last will and testament or pre-nuptial contracts.

In addition, we wish to inform you comprehensively and clearly about the following subjects:

  • Asset planning;
  • Risk planning;
  • Retirement and generation planning.
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