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Physicians and Healing Professions

What special financial and legal characteristics apply to physicians and healing professions? Numerous aspects need to be observed here. Our specific industry knowledge here is at your disposal, we offer:

  • Short business evaluations specifically suited for physicians (key figures of their practice);
  • Continuing support;
  • Quarter-related jour fix deadlines, including discussions on the preliminary tax load;
  • Special business consultancy for the healthcare sector;
  • Involvement of the private sphere, at request;
  • Preparation of a liquidity overview;
  • Structured asset protection planning;
  • Help in decisions regarding private and professional investments;
  • Support in and preparation of discussions with banks;
  • Preparation of an investment and financing plan;
  • Profitability calculation.

Quick and meaningful: our business analysis and consulting services

Your everyday practice requires your full attention? It takes up all your time and effort. We could support you with a short business evaluation. It answers the most important questions, such as:

  • The amount of your monthly costs;
  • The income from your practice and the fields generating such income;
  • The amount of your profit and its proportion to the prior year and that of the industry;
  • The structure of your liquidity after deduction of your tax payments, private old-age pension provision expenses and withdrawals.

We do not want to take up more of your time, but rather to maximise your profits. During a short consulting discussion (approx. 45 minutes) per quarter, we will present your business situation to you.

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