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Financial and Payroll Accounting

Financial accounting

  • Preparation of accounting documents in German and/or English;
  • Posting of exact depreciations/amortisations, own consumption, accrual postings and changes in inventories on a monthly basis to ensure a meaningful business assessment;
  • Development of individual business assessments;
  • Establishment / improvement of financial accounting on site for clients managing their own financial accounting and support in accounting issues;
  • Consulting and training of your financial accounting personnel;
  • Cost accounting and management accounting;
  • Industry comparisons.

Further optional services:

  • Payment transactions;
  • Dunning procedures.

Our special service: upon request, you will receive a monthly or quarterly report about the success of your company and the tax burden which has arisen in the year to date – in a concise form on one page, including illustrations. This will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises regarding subsequent tax payments.

Payroll accounting

  • Preparation of wage and salary statements and activities associated therewith;
  • Travel expenses management;
  • Optimisation of wage statements, including tax-free and social security-free “extras” which increase the net wage and thus employees‘ motivation while reducing ancillary wage costs.
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